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The Best Thing

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“I’M THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED to Hope Richardson. She was Hope Meyers before we married five months ago. Up until meeting me, my wife admitted that she’d given up on finding a good man.”

Habitual cheater ,  Xavier  Richardson, likes his women naive, subservient, and plus-size. Hope Richardson, his wife of five months is all of the above in addition to being a homebody who’s self-conscious about her weight; something Xavier takes full advantage of. After attending her husband’s class reunion, Hope forms a friendship with socialite and social media influencer, Vivica Love, who’s happens to be an old high school nemesis of Xavier’s. As a result, Hope’s self-esteem flourishes and is evident in an inner and outer transformation, something her husband isn’t supportive of. When one of Xavier’s past affairs comes back to haunt him, he’s forced to face his demons and insecurities in a fight to repair his marriage.

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Sci-Fi. With racial tension dividing a small Mississippi town, what happens when one by one, white residents awaken to find themselves with skin pigmentation as dark as those they despise? The beloved siblings, Rosa and Frederick, from the Negus series makes an appearance in this science-fiction.



A Compilation of African-American Science Fiction

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NEGUS, a collection of African-American science fiction short stories and flash fiction, will satisfy conspiracy theorists, sci-fi lovers as well as urban fiction readers. Whether you're obsessed with 3rd-eye restoration, past lives, twin flames, aliens or into life after death, NEGUS hits a homerun with out of this world reading that'll leave you in deep thought about this planet we call Earth.



NEGUS II : Phenomena

Coming 2019


With memories of the planet Earth not too far behind, Huey’s journey on the new planet of Negus resumes with Rosa and Kwame. Rosa discovers another phenomenon  related to the decalcification of pineal glands. The Melanins continue as visitors from another planet trek to the United States. The collection also includes new stories. 




FED UP: Tales of Revenge

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FED UP: Tales of Revenge Vol. 1

WHEN ENOUGH IS ENOUGH... We've all been there: used, lied to, or cheated on.But what do you do when enough is enough? You don't cry, you get EVEN! Bien-Ame Wenda presents a compilation of stories of the scorned; including a hopeless romantic, the token nice guy, a submissive wife, the celebrity couple, the hood chick, a mayor's wife, and loyal girlfriend. Each refuse to wait on karma but instead decide to seek justice on their own terms. The collection includes two contributions by author, Janeeta Breeze.




KoKo:  A Novel

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KoKo: a Novel

Confident and determined, video vixen, Koreen Wilson has it all: money, fame, supportive friends, a loving daughter and an adoring fiancé. What happens when Koreen continues to risk it all to for her insatiable sexual appetite? Meet Koreen's closest friends: Ivonka Roux is the finest attorney money can buy. With her 38th birthday looming, Ivonka is desperate to find Mr. Right and start a family…..even if it means ignoring red flags. Mother of six, Desiree Loren regrets ever marrying her adulterous husband, a man three times her age. Keeping her suicidal thoughts a secret, her friends soon become suspicious after Desiree begins to exhibit some unusual behavior.




The KoKo Series



The KoKo Series

The paperback edition of Koreen Unfiltered, Bait & Switch, Desi Ever After, Pick Me Blues I and Pick Me Blues II. Previously sold only in ebook format, these short stories and nouvellas have been compiled into a single paperback for those who prefer physicial books. Books 1, 6, & 7, KoKo: a Novel, Queen of Mean, & Armani the Hottie, are not included in the compilation, as these titles are already available and sold as single novels in paperback format.



Queen of Mean

Queen of Mean

Queen of Mean

Not everything that glitters in Hollywood is gold. Life isnt what it seems for the snide gossip talk show host. For years, The Mindy Mathers Show has earned popularity by interviewing, exposing, and gossiping about celebrities. However, the talk show host/NBA wife may have her own demons to hide.




ARMANI  the Hottie

Coming 2020


The sequel to KoKo: a novel, Armani the Hottie continues the story of Koreen Wilson and Pierre Woods.

Alluring up-and-coming R&B artist Armani Rayne is  not only a triple threat, but America’s sweetheart.  Despite Amani’s charmed life, she can’t seem to shake off the one person threatening her newfound happiness: actress and former video vixen, Koreen ‘KoKo’ Wilson and  her newborn baby. Celebrity fitness trainer, Pierre Woods always thought he and KoKo were destined to be together forever. After numerous  devasating scandals hit the tabloids, Pierre finds comfort in his client, Armani Rayne, but not without a price. Grammy award-winning songstress and former bestie to Koreen Wilson, Keyshia Valentine is Armani Rayne’s latest ace boon coon. With her own sly schemes under her sleeve, it’s only a matter of time before the real truth about Ms. Valentine is exposed.



alter ego (poetry)

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alter ego

Bien-Aime Wenda and Candy B. Vixen presents a collection of both previously published and new poetry. Divided into 3 parts, Wenda, Candy, and the merge, the collection ranges from hopeless romantic themes to playful and erotic.




VIXEN: The Compilation

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VIXEN: The Compilation (Erotica)

For the first time since Alter Ego, Candy B. Vixen’s short erotic work is available in print as a paperback. Ending her journey as a writer of erotic e-books, the author has compiled a complete collection of previously published short stories as a farewell. Two of her favorite erotic poems are also included in this final compilation.



B I J O U X 

Coming 2020