Spiritual and Interactive Journaling



Higher: Raising Your Daily Vibration, Self-Love, & Self-Care

Raise your vibrations through acts of self-care and self love by using this interactive planner/journal. No need for lengthy paragraphs or assignments. The material simply lists over 50 acts to choose from and check off daily to help boost self-care, self-love, and higher vibrations. This daily self-care planner was created to promote self-esteem, self-care, self-love, aid in raising your vibration, and most importantly, transform your way of thinking about yourself. Each entry starts off with spaces to write in your affirmation. The goal is to perform at least one act from the 2-page checklist each day. Recommended for those on a genuine journey of self-love.


MeTime Bed Time Journaling

Me Time isn’t just your regular journal, it’s an interactive journaling experience. Ideal for those with a busy life, seekers of enlightenment, and those looking for self-improvement. Explore new heights in your spiritual and mental well-being with a new potentially life-altering bedtime routine. Take back control of your mental and emotional health with daily encouragement and reminders to meditate. Jot down your monthly and daily goals as well as long-term goals. Me Time Bedtime Journal aids in constructing action plans to bring your dreams to fruition. Be reminded to release the day’s stress and dwell on all the positives to be thankful for with the Daily Dose of Gratitude before each journal entry. So go ahead, put the kids to bed early, pour yourself a little wine, light a few scented candles or incense and make the most of your Me Time.




Respect My Crown Goal Diggers Planner

What are your plans for this year? What about next year? 5 years? 10? It is widely known that one of the best ways to help manifest your visions are to write them down. Visualize, organize, and keep track of your achievements with Goal Diggers.




Respect My Crown Goal Diggers Journal

To accompany the Respect My Crown Goal Diggers Planner or as a stand-alone journal






Journal to accompany the Respect My Crown Goal Diggers Planner





Dream Log

Lucid dreaming? Need help interpreting a recurring dream? Dream Log can be used as a dream record-keeping of lucid dreams. A brief questionnaire before each entry is also included to determine if any external factors play a role in your dreams.




Me Time Meditation

Me Time Meditation journaling will aid in tracking your journey to insight, clarity, and transition to maintaining your inner peace. You may choose to journal before or after meditation. The choice is yours. Additional assistance with meditation can be found from tutorials, binaural beats, incense, candles, or even guided meditations online. Whichever you decide, let Me Time Meditation aid in making meditation a positive routine in your life!



Gratitude Journaling

With all of the distractions and despair in the world, we can get caught up in the moment and forget that we all have the power to create a new reality. One of the most powerful ways of bringing your reality to fruition is through writing and visualization. This journal is intended to promote and encourage manifesting through the use of visualizing, daily gratitude, and an action checklist.