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Stuck at a dead-end job with three children and an inconsiderate live-in boyfriend, life is anything but exciting for thirty-eight year old Shequita Stafford. Following an altercation at work, Shequita is court-ordered to community service at an assisted-living facility where she meets 83-year-old Anabelle Grey, who help changes her perspective on life.



With racial tension dividing a small Mississippi town, what happens when one by one, white residents awaken to find themselves with skin pigmentation as dark as those they despise?
In the small town of St. Molasses, Mississippi, the town was so small, there was only one library, one school, one pharmacy, and only one major grocery store. If one wished to visit a museum, shopping mall, night club or movie theater, they’d have to travel a couple miles over to the city of Marmalade to do so. Like most small rural towns, everybody knew everybody. Depending on what you were up to, that could either be a good thing or a bad thing. They knew whose little boy or little girl every child belonged to, whether he was white or colored. Which would explain why Freddie, a black visitor, had been receiving odd looks ever since his Plymouth Fury had overheated right in front of the city sign of St. Molasses. Little did the racially charged town know what was in store for them.
The beloved siblings, Rosa and Frederick, from the Negus series makes an appearance in this scifi.



NEGUS: A Compilation of African-American Science Fiction


NEGUS, a collection of African-American science fiction short stories and flash fiction, will satisfy conspiracy theorists, sci-fi lovers as well as urban fiction readers. Whether you’re obsessed with 3rd-eye restoration, past lives, twin flames, aliens or into life after death, NEGUS hits a homerun with out of this world reading that’ll leave you in deep thought about this planet we call Earth.




The dating world is hard enough as it is.

Meet Natasha Murphy: a 30-something serial-dater secretly coping with a mental health disorder.




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FED UP: Tales of Revenge


WHEN ENOUGH IS ENOUGH… We’ve all been there: used, lied to, or cheated on.But what do you do when enough is enough? You don’t cry, you get EVEN! Bien-Ame Wenda presents a compilation of stories of the scorned; including a hopeless romantic, the token nice guy, a submissive wife, the celebrity couple, the hood chick, a mayor’s wife, and loyal girlfriend. Each refuse to wait on karma but instead decide to seek justice on their own terms. The collection includes two contributions by author, Janeeta Breeze.


 Coming 2019

FED UP II: Dysfunctional Families



Pick Me Blues


Book #5 of the Koko series. Ivonka Roux’s sequel to Koko, the novel.

Love is in the air as Ivonka Roux, Koreen Wilson, Desiree Loren, and Isaac Charles all reunite for the wedding of the century.

With her desperate “pick-me” ways long behind her, Ivonka never would have guessed that she would be afraid to finally jump the broom, to a billionaire, nonetheless. Reuniting with her childhood friend, feelings being resurface. The only thing standing in their way is his wife, and her fiance. Will she overcome her doubts and walk down the aisle or will she leave her famous fiance standing at the altar?

Pick Me Blues Part 2





The prequel to KoKo: A Novel.

This short story flashes back to KoKo’s earlier years as the hottest urban video vixen and reality star, as listeners witness the demise of Koreen The Deam’s marriage and reality show.



Koko: a novel


Confident and determined, video vixen, Koreen Wilson has it all: money, fame, supportive friends, a loving daughter and an adoring fiancé. What happens when Koreen continues to risk it all to for her insatiable sexual appetite?

Meet Koreen’s closest friends:

Ivonka Roux is the finest attorney money can buy. With her 38th birthday looming, Ivonka is desperate to find Mr. Right and start a family…..even if it means ignoring red flags. Mother of six, Desiree Loren regrets ever marrying her adulterous husband, a man three times her age. Keeping her suicidal thoughts a secret, her friends soon become suspicious after Desiree begins to exhibit some unusual behavior.


Bait & Switch


Playboy Princeton Woods swore off dating after a tumultuous relationship with ex-wife, Regina. Then enters Desiree Loren, and all of her baggage. Despite her troubled past and warnings from his family, Prince just can’t seem to get enough of Desi. Has he finally met his Mrs. Right, or is Desiree just another bad decision?


Desi Ever After

Playboy Princeton Woods swore off dating after a tumultuous relationship with ex-wife, Regina. Then enters Desiree Loren, and all of her baggage. Despite her troubled past and warnings from his family, Prince just can’t seem to get enough of Desi. Has he finally met his Mrs. Right, or is Desiree just another bad decision?
Desi Ever After is one of 3 mini sequels to the novel, KoKo.


Queen of MEAN



Not everything that glitters in Hollywood is gold. Life isnt what it seems for the snide gossip talk show host. For years, The Mindy Mathers Show has earned popularity by interviewing, exposing, and gossiping about celebrities. However, the talk show host/NBA wife may have her own demons to hide.



Beings from another dimension have landed on Earth to conduct research on the inhabitants of Earth. They are disturbed by the treatment of each other, the amount of work for the majority of a human’s lifetime, as well as the mind control that the majority seem to be oblivious of. The most unsettling of all is the discovery of a royal species on Earth. They are in fact the most despised group of the planet. The operators of mind control are the only ones who know truth and use every attempt of mass deception and control to bury the truth to accumulate and hold on to wealth and power. This seems almost blasphemous to the visitors of Earth as the Melanins are the true rulers and royal people back at their homeland. They ultimately discover that they were really sent to Earth on a mission to help release the royals from psychological enslavement.




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A security guard, a feisty elderly woman, a passive son, a deranged gunman, and one tragic event. A short story about a single event told in four different perspectives.

The mini book also includes an excerpt from the author’s book, Fed Up: Tales of Vengeance.



Daddy’s Girl

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Previously titled “I Want Love”, Daddy’s Girl tells the tale of a young woman raised without a father, beginning from childhood.



Before the Beginning

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The devil wants to tell his side of the story of what happened when he and his fallen angels were kicked out of heaven.