About the Author

My name is Wenda Bien-Aime. I am a Florida native and of Haitian descent. I have one daughter, who writes apocalyptic fiction and a mother who songwrites.

I began my writing journey at the age of 11. I didnt become serious about publishing until college, when my creative writing professor encouraged me to look into publishing a short scifi story I submitted for an assignment. She later asked to use my class paper as a model for that particular assignment for future classes.

Sure enough, I was offered a contract for that short story and accepted. Due to personal circumstances in my life at the time, I never got around to making the necessary changes to my story to have it published.

Years later, I joined a writing group on Facebook (Shout out to WBAC!) and my love for writing, story-telling, and poetry reignited.

I enjoy dabbling in different genres including science fiction, fantasy, contemporary fiction, poetry, and erotica. My erotic work can be found under pen name, Candy B. Vixen. My other work is under Bien-Aime Wenda. Although my first name is Wenda, I publish as Bien-Aime Wenda as an homage to my late father who had no male children to carry on his last name.


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