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Special thanks to AAAbookFest for the author feature. Check out my Black history quote from the feature below.

Black History Message:

“It is my thought that we each have an individual responsibility to partake in any actions that contribute to the well-being of not only our future generations, but humanity as a collective. Black artists, (which include painters, writers, musicians, and any form of those who create) have the power to utilize their gifts for the greater good of black culture and the black community. Whether it’s music and dance, paintings or sculptures, all art is essential to a culture’s development. These creations have the power to provide hope, inspire creativity, foster future leaders, and create movements. For it was through poetry and written art, that Maya Angelou, Victoria Butler and Richard Wright protested, enlightened, and uplifted. It was through music that the late Tupac Amari Shakur exposed inner-city life and the black experience. It was through visual art that Jean-Michel Basquiat conveyed social and political injustice. It is important that we embrace our heritage and share our messages in the most profound way that we can. Our art is our message. Our art is our culture. Our art is black history.”


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