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The Thirteenth Law


“In the spring of 3011, God looked upon the Earth and was disheartened at the unnecessary atrocities and injustices against defenseless children. The young suffered helplessly through acts of perversion, neglect, emotional and physical abuse, abduction, and abandonment since the beginning of time. These were horrific acts acted upon not only by strangers, but trusted figures such as parents, grandparents, educators, religious authorities, relatives, and so on. Because society had failed to create an effective safeguard for these vulnerable beings, God called upon a meeting with Enoch, the archangels, the foreman of the spirit guides, and last but not least, Abel, beloved son of Adam and Eve. It was during this meeting that Abel proposed The Universal Law of Youth Protection. God was pleased with Abel and so mandated what is now known as The Thirteenth Law.”

What happens when a terrifying loophole is discovered within the thirteenth universal law?

The Best Thing


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